18 January 2006

Bustin' a Cap in the Cap Freddy Movement

Bruce Arena has words of... Well, not exactly encouragement for Freddy, as noted by USA Today (with a hat tip to World Soccer):

"He's a good young player, but he's in a little over his head at this level at this point in his career," Arena says. "In terms of the physical requirements, he's not up to par in some respects. The game's a little faster than he's used to."

So, he's not likely to make the team?

"You need to use logic in answering that question," Arena says. "He's not a starter on his club team. And you're asking where he stands on making a World Cup roster. Without me giving you a prognosis, I'll let you figure that out. Is he a long shot? Is he a definite? I'll let you figure it out."

So, for those wodering what might reignite the Freddy playing time contraversy, you might add Bruce reaffirming that not starting for your club team hurts your chances. Hopefully not, but you never know.