09 February 2006

11 AM, work on overdue blog postings

An informant for The DCenters has passed along excerpts copied from the dayplanners of various MLS individuals. Can you guess who they belong to?

Excerpt #1

2PM Organize strategy to cheat at lottery.
3PM Cheat at lottery.
4PM Deny cheating at lottery. (Note: Important to look bemused.)
5PM Guitar lesson. Does Mo play drums?
6PM Try to find Harrison on map again.

Yes, that's our boy Alexi Lalas, who somehow saw the MetroStars win one of MLS's Events of Random Chance. Now honestly, I don't feel bad about this, since I don't see a place for Arvizu on United. Still, one has to laugh at the following excerpt:
"It's not every day you win the lottery. The odds were against us, but as they say, you have to be in it to win it," said MetroStars President and General Manager Alexi Lalas...This marks the fourth lottery that the MetroStars have won. The other three were for Nelson Akwari (August 12, 2002), DJ Countess (August 7, 2001) and Joey DiGiamarino (March 31, 2003).

Excerpt #2

7PM Familiarize self with pitch. Figure out which goal is mine
7:30PM Reminder! Reis might be on my team this time.
8PM Earn cap.
9PM Apologize to Matt for shooting on him by mistake.
10PM Call Family to talk about game
10:01PM Apologize to family for forgetting about time difference.
11PM Rerun of Gamera plays on Bravo

That's right, Bobby Boswell may be up for his first cap when the US Men take on Japan. I kid because I love, since Bobby is a favorite around these parts. So I hope he does well and earns that first cap.

Exceprt #3

2 April - 29 April Enjoy being home. Tell players to run more. Schedule appointment with Virginia Tobacco about creating PN#10 Cigar.
8 June Get Tivo To Go for laptop, set for US and Poland games.
26 June Pack for long business trip. Buy cigarettes. Run more, and yell at players while running more. Then do wind sprints. Smoke cigarettes during wind sprints.
5 July Happy Birthday to Me! Allowed to smile twice today, no more than 30 seconds. Tell players to run more.
17 August Home at last. Unpack while smoking and doing wind sprints. Send email to players telling them to run more. CC: media, they should run more too.

Yup, that's the season schedule for Piotr Nowak and DC United. There's a monster road trip in there, but being at home at the end is nice.


At 09 February, 2006 13:52, Anonymous Joe said...

I wonder if Uncle Piotr could teach little Freddy how to smoke while doing wind sprints. It could be much-needed bonding time for them.


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