07 February 2006

Your 2006 DC United Schedule...

...is not yet posted. But The DCenters has heard that MLS will be announcing the entire schedule tomorrow (8 February 2006), complete with your Soccer Saturday viewing. From what we understand, the schedule may not entirely be finished yet, but it is anticipated to be finished to allow for MLS to release it Wednesday.

Of course, with all things MLS, this could be a 60-90 days situation. And with all things bloggy, I like to leave myself a way to weasel out if this doesn't occur exactly as predicted. But it is the best information I have right now.

Which means, when it comes out, we'll have to bring Operation: Deflower back to the forefront.


At 07 February, 2006 17:24, Anonymous john said...

It's already been established that they are going to be playing during the World Cup, correct?


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