03 February 2006

Back and Back Again

Two stories in your morning briefing, one of which is the big news to the rest of the world, the other is big news for those that have been following the team. We'll start with the latter:

WELCOME BACK, LUCIO DC United announces that Lucio Filomeno has re-signed* with the team. Now, this is a topic of some debate, as we never really got to see what Filomeno could do last year. The most I saw out of him was during the reserve game against Columbus, where I wasn't impressed by his play, per se, but rather what he was doing off the ball in terms of attempting to worry the opposing team's back line. In his actual time with the senior squad, both his impact and minutes were limited. I'd like to see something in the first two months, assuming he stays healthy. Until then, Filomeno remains a candidate for potential Steve Guppy treatment. But I don't begrudge him the chance.

WELCOME BACK, FREDDY The rest of the world is going with the news as reported by the AP that Freddy is out of USMNT camp. Of course, we already knew that. So this is a non-event by now.

THE WEEK FOR DCENTERS: In case you missed it, let's look at some of the more interesting comments from the week: Matt and the DC Sports Chick check out the Norway game, Matt W finds a better joke than I did, K with an interesting buried point from the Garlcep article (nice close reading there), and Marc takes me to task (appropriately) for not writing my interviews timely. Marc, here's the deal. I got swamped with work right after finishing interviewing O'Connor, so the notes have just sat there. This Satuday, I should have some time, so I swear to you that I will sit down and bang it out and not even look at Worldwide Soccer Manager until I'm done. Then I will get it out next week. I swear it. On someone's grave, since neither of my parents are dead yet, but if they were I'd swear by their grave.

*Use of hyphen in "re-sign" courtesy of Joe's previous citation of the AP Style Manual.