14 February 2006

My Excuses, In Advance

Does Steve Nicol want to tell us something?

So I'm reading Steve Nicol's interview over at US Soccer Players, and I'm struck by what seems to be a fairly petulant tone. The entire article is a forum for Steve Nicol to vent at MLS for the schedule the Revs have:

It adds up to frustrating reading for Nicol, whose side does not travel outside of Foxboro for a match in August..."We understand that there are different things that different teams need at certain times of the year, and we, frankly, aren't concerned with other teams, but this doesn't help us," he said.
Now, I know an "us against the world" mentality is a tried and true tactic of coaching, but this seems much more depressed and resigned than unifying. It's almost as if Steve thinks the Revs can't overcome the schedule, and is spinning expectations low. My guess is that Steve thinks the Revs will muddle through until August, at which point he will announce the season a success by virtue of the fact that they aren't in the cellar. Then once his internationals come back, he can discuss the timing of a late run into the cup.

So Steve, I don't believe you man. I think this is just a lame expectations game. Personally, I hope you're right, and the Revs get pounded to seven points back of KC. Then I can say I told you so. Or more accurately, "You told you so, but you didn't believe yourself."