10 February 2006

Washington Capitaless

Some quick notes, but another post coming later...

IT WASN'T MLS, IT WASN'T DC UNITED The theory that I've propounded on the failure of the DC Sale was that Global Development Partners (GDP), faced with various projects around the country not aligning, found themselves in a capital crunch after they agreed to buy DC United. The money obligated to the black and red suddenly seemed much better applied to some of their other business goals. In short, the problem wasn't the books and ledgers on the MLS side of the equation, but by the investor. Now, Don Garber is certainly far from a disinterested party in interpreting such events, but it is worth nothing this quotation in the San Jose Mercury News, in an article ostensibly about Landon "Not Dreamy At All" Donovan:

When I caught MLS Commissioner Don Garber coming out of San Jose City Hall a couple of weeks ago, he told me that the sale of D.C. United collapsed because “we had an investor who wasn’t approved for membership in the league.”
That certainly fits with the idea that GDP suddenly didn't like its financial position, and the league didn't much like it either. So they called the whole thing off.

DCENTERS WILLING TO PROSTITUTE SELF TO BILLIONAIRES. OR MILLIONAIRES. OR PEOPLE THAT PLAY THE MONOPOLY GAME AT McDONALD'S. I see that Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonesis has a blog now (HT: Off-Wing). If Mr. Payne, or Mr. Garber, or an upper-type at AEG wish to guest-write for The DCenters, I am more than willing to discuss terms. (Seriously, wouldn't it be great if Sigi keps a blog this year? Or to read the comments section after Alexi Lalas's "Make the Goals Bigger" post? Or to read five posts from Piotr Nowak on "Run More. And Be Better on the Ball!" I'd read it.)

DCENTERS PART OF VAST RIGHT WING BACK CONSPIRACY Like all true narcissists on the web, I occasionally google the title of this blog, and was interested to see The DCenters Kinja web card. Apparently, Kinja applies through some proprietary method, a series of categories to each blog. The DCenters comes down as "sports" (Sure), "Conservative" (er?), "New York" (dead wrong), and "gmg" (wasn't that the active ingrediant in E? No?) Now, I'm not sure how this happened, but I'm sure there is a reason. But Conservative? Do I really seem conservative to everyone? What's going on here? I'm not saying I'm a bleeding heart longing for the days of the revolution, but I don't see this as a conservative blog, even if I was a conservative person (and, in some limited respects, I suppose I am). Thus narcissism reaps its reward: paranoia.