13 February 2006

Dig Out

U[MLS]A 3 : 2 Nippon

NATS SANS BOZ Sadly, Bobby Boswell did not get time in the U[ML]SA's 3-2 win over Japan. Brian Carroll and Ben Olsen both got some good moments into the game, and neither hurth their cause. Tino missed the game with a groin strain, which is a shame since this was the kind of game where he might have shown some strong skills. The best thing any of DCU's hopefuls had going for them was the play of Chris Klein, who started off the game sending three balls into the stands by the 20th minute. Since Bruce was experimenting by placing him in the back, it is a situation where the more defensive of DCU's midfield candidates might profit. So, accordingly, your revised odds for DCU players making the Stars and Stripes:

  1. Ben Olsen (Odds - 5:1, unchanged, decently played but not exceptionally so.)
  2. Santino Quaranta (Odds - 10:1, prevously 8:1, injury took away chance to impress)
  3. Brian Carroll (Odds - 10:1, unchanged, decent play, but again not exceptional. Needs more time if going to make team, and is going to have a hard time finding it.)
  4. Bobby Boswell (Odds - 50:1, previously 45:1, didn't make the game, wasn't even listed on the bench. Ouch. Still, he was an extreme longshot coming into camp. Perhaps one day...)
  5. Freddy Adu (Odds - 50:1, unchanged, we'll see what happens if the season starts.)