13 March 2006

Data Call

One of the intersting things from the SE Podcast with Mr. Mark Simpson was a question regarding prep work done for games. Simpson said something along the lines that the keepers were briefed about opposing data using an online data system that indicated the number of touches opposing players took, as well as where those touches would come from. This is a surprise for me because I wasn't sure how advanced MLS's Data Warehousing and Intelligence capabilties were. So apparently this data is out there, somewhere. Anyone know where? How much for a subscription? How customizable is it? I'd like to know...


At 15 March, 2006 11:43, Anonymous SE Podcast said...


One of the United players (I think it was Bryan Namoff) told me about this online tool last year. I had so many to questions to ask Mark that, unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity to expand on it.

As I seem to recall, the "data" consists of video (possibly isolated cameras and/or from several angles, I'm not sure) of every player in the league so that, as Simpson put it, the player can breakdown strengths or weaknesses in an opponent's play, see where they like to set up, etc. Basically, it's not unlike football players studying film before a game, only it's at the league level rather than acquired by the team.

I'm sure if you get a player drunk enough, he'll tell you how to access this website and what his password is.

Thanks again for listening!



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