24 March 2006

Caffeine and Alcohol

Just a reminder that the Caroline Challenge Cup concludes this weekend with DC United battling the Charleston Battery. The Coffeepot Cup is also on the line. The tradition that is the Coffeepot Cup is discussed over at We Call It Soccer (who points the finger at Mr. Pope) and also during one of the SE Podcasts (who mention a Mr. Agoos as the culprit in, I believe, the first podcast.) I like the idea that perhaps it was a collaboration in an Office Space Fax Machine sort of way.

Also, this weekend I have something I want to reproduce. But it'll have to wait until the suits are away from the desks.

Quick Side Note: This is apparently the 400th post at The DCenters. How'd that happen?


At 26 March, 2006 00:11, Blogger Bill-DC said...

Re: #400-Keep 'em coming, I really enjoy this blog!

At 27 March, 2006 00:40, Anonymous sepodcast said...

I thought I had heard somewhere that it was Agoos, but looking at the boxscore, I see that Agoos wasn't even in the game. Here's the lineup from that night:

Presthus, Talley, Pope, Peay, Sonora, Aunger, Otero, Moore, Wood, Lassiter, Moreno, Chris Albright, Slivinski

Insert the obvious joke about how Albright tried to hit the pot but missed wide right (although he did score in the game).


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