23 March 2006

Sudden Realization

Strange feeling this morning -- like waking up with perfect memory of exactly what you said the previous night, to whom, in which tone of voice, while you had a blood-alcohol level higher than your BMI. Also, the knowledge drink doesn't always repress your memories to a funny situation of temporary amnesia and a strange person in bed next to you, but instad crystallizes those memories into high contrast lines and tones while forcing you to regard your actions with utmost sobriety and analysis. It is in that spirit I ask myself the following: Did I choose yesterday not to liveblog the Germany-USA friendly, but instead cover the DC United game? A game that was a meaningless preseason exhibition? Huh... And I'm only wondering about that choice now? What's wrong with me? And where'd this headache come from?

Update: While I might have not taken the ticker approach to the USA game, I-66 covered it nicely. The "3:59" entry is, well, perfect.


At 23 March, 2006 21:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"4:25 - Mercifully it ends. I almost would've rather been at work." I'd say that sums it up perfectly... if only I weren't watching from work... (did I just say that out loud?)

That said... Cherundolo's goal in the 85 got an even better reaction from Bruce then all the lapses... I could swear he was double checking to see that it rolled in. Then it was still a "Did I really just see that????"


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