28 April 2006

...And Hello to All the Press At Sea

MORE SPIT TAKES: The Eskandarian Spit Take is just too good for people to let alone. John Haydon from the Washington Times does some in-depth reporting (on Big Soccer). Tobias Lopez also thinks the league is erring towards the no fun side. Ian Penderleith is also annoyed by the league. With all this contraversy, it sounds like we need a final decision. Fortunately, the Supreme Court of American Soccer will be in session on Tuesday. Baliff, put MLS v. Eskandarian on the docket!

FC DALLAS PREVIEWS: I'm swamped, so my match preview for match #11.05 will be delayed until later today (and by today, I mean tonight) but Steve Goff can tide you over until then, right? For fun, see how many of Goff's points on United's successful start match the kind of thing you might find on Teh Internets!!!11!!lol11!:rolleyes:


At 28 April, 2006 16:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Random question... where are the reserve games played?

At 28 April, 2006 16:24, Blogger rwhgeek said...

Here you go Anon. the Screaming Eagles will be having some sort of tailgate and always welcome visitors. Enjoy.

Location-Oklahoma Ave. & C Street NE, Washington, DC

Directions and Map- http://dcunited.mlsnet.com/dcu/pdf/y_directions.pdf#search='RFK%20Auxi liary%20field'


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