18 April 2006

It's Almost as Though They Have an Ombudsman.

If I disagree with Ian Penderleith (see Final Thoughts), I always do it with trepidation, since Ian probably knows more about soccer and MLS than I will ever approach. But, that being said, when Chris Webb looks at Ian and says it might have been tad too gloomy, that makes me feel a bit better. Not that all is flowers and sunshine with Chris. But I do think Chris's early take on DC United's first three is pretty much spot-on. For myself, I'm waiting until game four before making my "How has the season started?" rounds. Game four will give us an away game, plus that nice little figure of "one-eighth of the season played." That 12.5%, a nice looking number. Cool.


At 18 April, 2006 13:01, Anonymous Dan said...

No real disrespect to our first few opponents, but I really don't think we'll get a flavor for this team until we play games against KC, Dallas, and New England. These teams have enough confidence in their system that they'll try to take control of the game, rather than play behind the ball and wait for our mistakes (as Houston and Chivas did).

I also need to see how our midfield responds to a confident General, which is why I was disappointed by DeRosario's absence this weekend.

I'm pleased to see Adu's performance so far, and I think the Boswell-Erpen era is in full swing. Gomez looks like he's rounding into form, and Moreno and Filomeno are improving their communication. All encouraging signs, so let's put them to the test againt the best.

At 18 April, 2006 13:57, Blogger I-66 said...

I must say, though... It's good to see us scoring off of set pieces.

At 18 April, 2006 19:59, Anonymous Matt said...

DC is really deep on the bench...something that bodes well for this year. It's unfortunate that we didn't have this depth last year, might have done better in some of the tourneys.

As to less than convincing as Ian said...3pts are 3pts. The tie was a great comeback after some terrible giveaways in the back.

For the start of the season...7 pts are great.


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