13 April 2006

Play Misc. D For Me

A few random thoughts:

First, it seems to me that MLSNet has not been running as many of its commentary pieces from Connolly, Palace, Bradley and the rest of its Crew as it used to. Or that may just be my perception.

I'm curious if Moreno is going the full 90 again this Saturday. Very, very curious.

In Limbo is back. If you were curious why I was disappointed to see it go away for a bit, read this post in response to Ian Penderleith. Well written, insightful, and pointed. I like that in my soccer bloggers.

I may put up the Match 11.03 preview tonight, as blogging may well prove light tomorrow. Just an FYI. No, nothing major going on, just looks like a busy day in other aspects.

Dear MLSNet: I want to give you money for MatchCast. Please let me know how. And don't be jerks about renewals the way MLB has been. But, really, if the price is around $20, I am totally in. Take my money. Please.


At 14 April, 2006 05:47, Anonymous Matt said...

Donovan...I have mixed feelings about. I liked both articles on him. Thanks for linking that D.

I guess what really bothers me about Donovan is that he's shied away from top competition. A true stud stays and fights for a spot or at least tranfers to another top league.

Honestly though..Germany wasn't a good fit for him..he and Beasley need to go to Spain...or at least Donovan should join Run DMB in Holland...a league that is kind of Spain lite....

I just can't shake the feeling that Donovan is a real puss....

But..in his defense...in a WC year he knew that he needed to play...and he LOVES to play soccer so sitting on the bench kills him more than the regular player...plus one can't deny that Europe is totally biased against US players making it an even tougher fight for PT.

Still though...if you are anointed the best US player....as a fan I expect WAY more out of that player.

Beasley is the best though...so Donovan's "crown" is fake.


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