13 April 2006

Lift Every Voice. And forehead.

BOSWELL BACK AS BACK - John Haydon in the Washington Times grabs some time with Bobby Boswell, after Bobby insisted on extra set piece practice (Why isn't the entire team insisting on the same?). And in case you were wondering, Coach Nowak is not big on fluffy blankets and chicken soup when you've been ill:

United coach Peter Nowak is also eager to have Boswell working on all cylinders.

"Right now he is doing some extra work," Nowak said. "We pushed him more this week in practice because he is not 100 percent. Bobby has a lot to prove against Ching this weekend and he's still national-team material for the future."

Here's my question: Between grabbing extra practice sessions, being a humanitarian, and trying to live on the pittance that MLS pays him, does this kid have any time for a life? I hope so...

IF YOU KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN DURING THE SURGERY SCENES IN "HOUSE" - The Kansas City Star runs an article discussing Jimmy Conrad's decision to get experimental hernia surgery from the same doctor that has treated Gomez and Namoff. Of course, Jimmy Conrad wasn't willing to believe it after it worked for Christian Gomez. No, he had to wait until Alan Shearer went in for it. Sheesh!