17 April 2006

New York Cowardice Watch: Day 5

The Metrologist looks at The DCenters challenge to RBNY bloggers/web site owners, and thinks it looks like a set-up:

I'm not above taking a risk now and then, but this sounds like just a little bit of a sucker bet. I mean, as long as we don't what combination of Chinaglia, Mattheus, Sakiewicz, Donadoni, Bora, Sven Goran the Unstoppable Sex Machine, and Prof. Julio Mazzei is going to be running the team in August.

Okay, well, I am not an unreasonable man. To remind you, the conditions I proposed for the New York party to win this bet were any of the following:

  1. New York defeats FC Barcelona.
  2. New York achieves a non-scoreless draw with FC Barcelona.
  3. New York leads during the game for more than four minutes, and then are defeated by no more than one goal.

Maybe that is a tad unreasonable, so what should the condition be? Remember, the idea is that the Red Bulls of New York must represent MLS better than DC did against Chelsea. I proposed my conditions based on what DC achieved. What should the conditions be? We can negotiate here...


At 17 April, 2006 12:02, Anonymous Dan said...

4. Giorgio inserts Beckenbauer at Sweeper.

At 17 April, 2006 12:13, Blogger D said...

HA! Nice.

At 17 April, 2006 14:09, Blogger The Metrologist said...

I think you are misunderestimating the mental contortions that certain Metro fans (like me) are going through right now, fearful of our potential Chinagliattheus-tastic future.

I mean, you just want to watch the coming mother-of-all-trainwrecks. Who wouldn't? Except you remember that your family's sitting in the first-class carriage.

Detaching a little and laughing darkly is one way to get through it. Probably the best way. But it's not really congruent with backing your side for glory. Hard to make any such bets, even 4 months off, when you figure the next GM ought to go by the name "Casey Jones".

At 17 April, 2006 15:15, Anonymous Dan said...

Metrologist, I totally understand the feeling. I've been a New York Islander fan all of my life. When I was born they were in the midst of winning four cups in a row.

Now, 25 years later, I'm still waiting for #5, and I get to see the cavalcade of crap swing through town every year as my boys find new and exciting ways to disappoint me.

From my angle, I've always been elated to see the Islanders beat the Rangers, and so long as they do that the rest of the season doesn't matter. We'll be on opposing ends of this one, but I'd imagine a new, more manageable goal of beating DCU this weekend would be in order for you and the rest of RB Nation. Either that, or you can take up D on his wager.

At 17 April, 2006 21:18, Anonymous Joe said...

Wow, what a bizarre coincidence. I just yesterday used the word "Chinagliattheus-tastic" in a sentence. I was talking about something totally different though.


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