06 April 2006

Pivot Day

OMISSIONS DURING LATE NIGHT POSTING. So, yeah, I forgot to link my last post regarding the offside clarification to MLS's posting on the topic. The off-side explanation is here. My comments below, and quotations therein, were from that source. That's what I get for posting late.

LET'S OPEN PRESENTS! You may note that the blogroll has undergone yet another rewrite. Two things: I've added the "At a Glance" section, which may or may not be useful. It may also be too much of a hassle to keep updated, but let's give it a shot for now. I've also added a "Soccer Reference" section, as promised yesterday, below the World Soccer blogs that I read.

My thanks to everyone who dropped a line on The DCenters' Birthday, there's cake in the conference room to everyone.

THINGS TO LOOK FOR TODAY: Updates on Bobby Boswell's health. John O'Brien to injure himself before Saturday's game. Esky chat at ESPN at 2PM (submit your questions early. The DCenters is fine with questions like "How come you are so cool?"). Someone to start a Fire Ellinger Watch, or Job Security Meter, or something along those lines.


At 06 April, 2006 09:50, Blogger Kali said...

I'm waiting until Saturday at 9 pm to start the revolution of the proletariate...


At 06 April, 2006 12:44, Anonymous Matt said...

Hey....lay off O-Brien...we need him healthy until after the WC.

Yeah I'm a DC fan but I'd rather have him kicking our butt and getting ready for the WC then being hurt thus helping DC's chances of winning...

At 06 April, 2006 12:46, Blogger D said...

Kali: I expect great things.

Matt: I'm not saying I want JOB to hurt himself, I'm just saying that such an announcement wouldn't surprise me. Or anyone for that matter.

How about he gets a 1 week case of flu, but is totally recovered for Germany? Deal?


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