05 April 2006

Today is the Greatest

MLS SEZ TO DCU "OOPS, OUR BAD": Steve Goff reports that MLS has determined that Youri Djorkaeff's free kick goal should have been disallowed. Now, from what I know of the situation, this is 100% the fault of USSF and totally not the fault of referee Brian Hall. Hall received guidance, which he complied with, and allowed the goal. The problem was that the guidance was stupid. For a history of United and dodgy referee moments, check out the Screaming Eagles Podcast blog.

SPECIAL MERIT BADGE AWARD: To John at Pseudo Corner Kick, who kicks off Operation: Deflower with a bang. John, as soon as I develop a nice graphic, I'll be sure to award one to you. Well done. And if you have a story for Operation: Deflower you'd like to share, the DCenters will be glad to link to it. If you don't have a website, the DCenters will even post your story for you.

REFERENCE LIBRARY: There are a series of useful links that I use most days that aren't in the blogroll on the right. So I'm going to have to create a new section for them. Until then, let me give a shout out to Albion Road, which is an amazingly broad site on world club soccer. Whenever I run across strange names in the foreign press, it's where I turn first. Also dogeared at DCenters: the World Football Elo Ratings, the UFWC (a concept The DCenters has stolen for MLS and worked out four years of history for, and really need to get current at some point), and the Laws of the Game. We'll get the library up for your easy perusal soon.

IT'S APRIL 5 - THAT MEANS SOMETHING: Today is a special day at DCenters. More on that later. No, it's not as special as Court Day, which I hope to make a running feature. This day will be much more sporadic.

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