31 May 2006

Clyde and Prejudice

Sorry for the cheap title, since I'm conflating Washington Post story references. First, Steve Goff with a profile of your healthy Clyde Simms, plus a quick note on Piotr being Piotr:

Notes: Asked who will start in goal tonight now that veteran Nick Rimando has recovered from a foot injury, Nowak responded, "Me!"

Also, Mike Wise checks in with Alecko Eskandarian's global historical conscience. I can not recommend this article highly enough as the way of looking at the entire picture of a player's personality, there is some truly great writing. And if you are wondering about the tackle ordered by the coaching staff, the Screaming Eagles Podcast has the backstory on that one. Truly a great read.

The Washington Times looks at the man between the pipes for Columbus: Maryland alum Noah Palmer. I urge you to carefully scan the quote from Dominic Mediate that John Haydon uses:

"He's a good goalie who has taken a lot of hard criticism because of Maryland's final four outings," said United midfielder Dominic Mediate, a teammate of Palmer at Maryland. "It will be a big test for him because he's with a brand new team and he will be nervous."
Note that Dom doesn't call the criticism unfair, or harsh, just hard. Might he agree with it?

Quick note: another Bobby Convey done good story over at the BBC.

I've got a game preview to write for today, but there's a question I'd like to get to over the next week, and perhaps you'd like to think about it as well. What are the orthodoxies of DC United fandom? Both historically and in view of the current situation. I'd like to run a few posts examining some of the widely shared beliefs of DC fans, and see how true they are. Just because something is widely held and conventional doesn't make it wrong, but it doesn't necessarily make it right. Just something to think about.


At 31 May, 2006 13:12, Anonymous Oscar said...

2 orthodoxies I can think of

* First, Metrostars are a crap team that cheats.
* Second, we own Columbus in the playoffs.

Is that what you're looking for?

At 31 May, 2006 14:02, Blogger D said...

Yeah, those work. And are probably valid. Another one that I'm thinking of: "Etch is the best player ever for United". These days that is debatable.

At 31 May, 2006 16:31, Blogger Kinney said...

These are the ones I came up with:

* Cheatin Bob and RFK North, which dovetail with Oscars first point
* Kevin Terry costs us a star
* Moreno was never a Metro
* El Diablo is God, as D says this is debatable, I just really wanted to use my delightfully ironic statement
* United is better in black and in the rain
* Arena is the best coach ever, trophies speak for themselves but I was wondering how his winning % stacks up
* Nowak doesn't draft well
* Don't play Chicago in the playoffs

At 31 May, 2006 16:39, Blogger D said...

Kinney -- That's a great list. Some of those I probably won't address, but some of them are definately new ones that I'd love to look at.

At 01 June, 2006 12:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This isn't quite an orthodoxy but why is Harkes the only one honored in the Tradition of Excellence banner at RFK? Why isn't Etch up there?


At 01 June, 2006 17:15, Blogger D said...

K: A damn good question, and one that I was talking about with Brick of Eucalyptus during a Nats game. He should be, but they might be holding onto that unveiling for the testomonial match. Harkes, Etch, and Arena also need to go on the other wall of fame at RFK.


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