21 May 2006

An Unfortunate Mistranslation From American to English

I am working on the debrief for the Columbus match even now, but I see this article over on the BBC. They sent a correspondent over for the Kansas City-DC match, and we get the typical patronizing attitude one should expect. The damage though is in the one misprint (emphasis added):

But Bob was the genuine article, a member of the Spread Eagles supporters group, who - as I would find out inside the stadium - love to bounce up and down on their part of the terraces, causing the wooden structure to vibrate rather alarmingly.

I hope they correct that one fast. I haven't yet checked Big Soccer to see if they've noticed there, but once they do I expect the letter writing to be fast and furious.

Update: Okay, they've noticed, and probably before I got this post up. We await the correction.


At 21 May, 2006 23:08, Blogger I-66 said...

Two things:

- One United game some 5 years or so ago, the Screaming Eagles banner was partially covered by another banner - so the banner, shown all match on TV, read "creaming eagles"

- When we were at the bar last night watching the Crew/United match and waiting for the Freedom players to arrive, some jackhole sitting to the right of us (looked some form of latino) was possibly drunk and railing on American soccer and talking about how terrible and unwatchable it was. I thought he was at the very most knowledgable but a soccer snob... then he drops this on the people he was with:

"Is the United States in the World Cup? Ahh... they'll get their asses kicked"

It took every ounce of restraint in me to not lay into him about being a total retard and knowing less about the sport than my dog, but I just kept drinking my beer and shaking my head.

At 22 May, 2006 08:37, Blogger rwhgeek said...

Correction has been made.

At 22 May, 2006 09:32, Anonymous SE Podcast said...

Bob's a good friend of mine and a fellow Liverpool fan. He was more pissed that they implied that he was a Chelsea fan!

Besides, calling us the "Spread Eagles" at least implies that we get some once in a while...

At 22 May, 2006 15:44, Blogger D said...

Ooohhh... I hope I wasn't disparaging Bob at all. My annoyance was with the BBC, not Bob. He's clearly one of the good ones, and I can tell when selective quoting is being used.


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