05 June 2006

Confidential to the US Men's National Team: Lesotho

IN THE SEVENTH GRADE, I WON MY SCHOOL'S GEOGRAPHY BEE: Someone, and I thought it was Pseudo Corner Kick, but it wasn't, so I'm remiss in the mandatory hat tip, gave out the address of a blog-esque thing US Soccer is running for the USMNT. Which is nice. To friends of Mr. Reyna, we say Lesotho!

PSYCH-OPS: Bo Oshoniyi on DC Supporters:

CR: DC claim they got in your head during the Cup, even going as far as hanging banners in RFK when you guys play there that say "Hey Bo, remember us?" Just the nature of the position means you're the one guy on the field who is the most susceptible to chants and such. Do you hear that stuff? Does it bother you?

BO: Not really. It doesn't get to you at all. You hear it sometimes. I actually like the good ones. Like if they come with some good ribbing, I'll give them a laugh. I think it's funny; some of the stuff they come up with is original. That banner in DC was kind of neat, to see that out there. For the most part you just focus and try not to let them get in your head. I think it's fun, and I'm glad they get into it.

Of course, who's going to admit that they get psyched out by a bunch of people not directly involved in the play. Other than Jay Heaps, I mean.

MINOR REDESIGN COMING: I will be changing the header graphic later this week, and then changing it again in a month or so. Nothing major, don't worry. Just something for solidarity purposes.


At 05 June, 2006 11:17, Blogger Kinney said...

The link was from a Du Nord special weekend report. Which is probably why you didn't even think of him, I know I was suprised when it popped up in my Google reader. And yes, I got it too, though I guessed 56 countries instead of 54.

At 05 June, 2006 23:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would you take Bo O over Troy Perkins right now? Rimando?

At 06 June, 2006 03:12, Blogger scaryice said...

I think MLS players are just happy that somebody cares. If you really want to get in their heads, you'll have to be pretty nasty.

Hey, how do you design a banner, photoshop?

At 06 June, 2006 09:05, Blogger D said...

Kinney: Ah, that would be it. I'll need to update this post.

Anon: I would not take Bo O over either Perkins or Rimando, unless there was something more thrown in.

ScaryIce: Actually, I use GIMP (which is an open source download, and has many of the same abilities as Photoshop).


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