01 June 2006

Special Games. Special Blogs.

OUR BOYS AND THEIR BHOYS: By now you know that Celtic FC is coming to RFK on July 12 for a little friendly with DC United, and for those of you with game plans it will be "Special Game A" (hey, that's me!). Yes, I'm thrilled. But if DC fans have a nascent "Club over Country" mentality, surely that applies to European teams, even those with Irish Catholic/Nationalist traditions. That means Club over God and Homeland. Black and Red, no green hoops. Really. I mean it.

MORE READING DESTINATIONS: Please welcome some new blogs to the blogroll. Poplar Point Perspective is a new blog that will definately be covering some DCU, as well as other things. For those that mourn the day when The DCenters moved away from the black background, Poplar Point Perspective looks to restore that design concept to your world.

In a wider range of topics, The Far Post looks to become one of the snarkier US Soccer Scenesters out there, and The DCenters loves itself some snark. Even better, this is some genuinely funny snark, not just "ooooh, look how clever, yet cynical, I can be" type snark.


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