02 June 2006

Pleasure and Business

Later today: Preview for New England, and the First in the DC Dogma Examinations. But first, the news...

PARTY-TIME: Normally, MLS players have their birthdays celebrated on a few websites devoted to the team, or perhaps with a few messages on Big Soccer. Or, in some cases, the party arragnements are discussed in the Washington Post. In the Style pages. In the Gossip Column. Headlining the gossip column. Perhaps Roxanne Roberts feels guilty about her comments regarding soccer on last week's "Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me!".


"They teach you how to do new stuff like keep the ball up in the air with your knees and feet," the third-grader said. "I want to be a soccer player when I grow up and play for D.C. United."

Great article, which hopefully stays with these kids. I remember some of my sporting events as a child, so I hope this stays with these kids.


At 02 June, 2006 09:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Article in today's Express on Freddy's "curse" of not getting the ball in goal yet. Personally I 'm thrilled with his play this year and assists. That backheel against Columbus was great stuff even though it didn't lead directly to a goal. The goals will come but meanwhile this seems to be a great maturation season for Freddy.

At 02 June, 2006 10:16, Blogger D said...

True. You have a feeling that Freddy may even have a game that he takes over this year. If his performance continues, I think this can well be the "Freddy Adu Emerges" year.

At 02 June, 2006 11:02, Blogger Kinney said...

Is there a link for the second article? The one on the inner city games. Also there is an Acess United on that topic as well. Kyle Sheldon hasn't come by BigSoccer yet to tell us about so I am not sure if you have seen it.

At 02 June, 2006 11:21, Blogger D said...

Ooops... there is a link. It's up now.


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