23 June 2006

In Numbers Up Screen Scrolling Up

ASSEMBLING ALL OWNERS: This is what you need to know: If this happens, celebrate, but remember that even if it happens, it might be called off a few months from now. Still, a positive sign. Discovery is a local business, as Metro riders near Silver Spring can attest. So local ownership + support of Kevin Payne is promising. Once it is finalized, that is. Right.

GOODBYE STEVE GUPPY LUCIO FILOMENO: MASR scooped the Post on this one. So give them some love. As for Filomeno, I had hopes for him that never materialized. It is a shame, because you can see all the tools there, but they never seem to click in all at once. The DCenters wishes Lucio Filomeno the best of luck as he returns home. And not even in a sarcastic way. Hey, it didn't work out, at least both parties are cool with that. So handle it with class.