21 June 2006

Match 11.14 Preview: Chicago Fire

Match #: 11.14

Opponent: Chicago Fire

DC United, 7-1-5, 26 pts, 1st in East Conference , 1st in MLS
Chicago Fire, 2-4-5, 11 pts, 6th in East Conference, 10th in MLS (tie-RSL)

TV: MLSLive.TV - 7:30 PM

Previous Meeting: We don't really want to get into that, do we?

Suggested Pregame Music: Asbestos - Suede

The Stakes: Kill or cure? DC United is looking to reestablish itself as the team to beat, and not merely a good team. The Chicago Fire are on the road (again) after opening their new stadium, and have generally looked less dangerous from week to week. As noted in the 11.13 debrief, the season series with Kansas City concludes soon, and DC will want to enter those games not worried about silly questions. Questions like "Where will the goals come from?" The Washington Post reports that Alecko Eskandarian may be ready to go (he's listed as questionable at the moment.) Prideux is still out. Chicago is missing Curtin, Gutierrez , DCU-alum Sanneh, and potentially Chris Rolfe. That's a mix and match bag, but you'd always imagine Chicago will be more lethal with them around.

A win here does nothing, NOTHING, for last season's playoff debacle. You can say all you want about it, but the issue is that Chicago beats us in the playoffs, the Penguins to our Capitals. The best you can say about three points is that it puts Chicago further in the Eastern Conference cellar and missing the playoffs entirely. But that's not the point, is it? I want to see DC and Chicago in the playoffs. I want to look into the void and kick it in the metaphorical groin.

Things I'd like to see: John Wilson. Really. Look, you've put Freddy on the right, and Josh Gros on the Left. So field a 4-4-2 with Wilson at LB. Just to get opponents back to not assuming we'll come out in the favored 3-5-2. Or at least consider moving to the 4-4-2 if we get up a goal or two.

Previews from the DCUniverse: QuarterVolley, DC Sun Devil, Poplar Point Perspective.

Expected Yield: 2.5 points. No excuse for not getting a win.

D's Location: At the game, usual seats.

Last Words: Retardant