31 July 2006

For Further Reading...

The Carnival of American Soccer #3 is up at The Fool's Prerogative. It is nice to see this tradition continue, but a reminder that Carnival #4 has yet to be awarded. So if you've thought about hosting, drop those kids a line. In a related note, a centralized Carnival of American Soccer site is slowly being established in order to help point people to the newest carnival goodness.

Also, it's been a bit since I mentioned the All-American XI, but it is up for Week 17, and a DCU face makes an appearence. As for Week 18, your guess is as good as mine.

Finally, Scaryice no doubt intends to further the curse that comes with invoking history, looking at how many points DC needs in order to be the greatest team of all-time. You fool! Don't you realize you've only managed to curse the Open Cup and all-star games? I have some thoughts on this, but let's just say that the Top 5 is fine with me.