14 August 2006

Chelsea Copies DC United Innovation

Okay, that's clearly exaggerated, but it was fun to say. Chelsea Blog has a recap of the Community Shield up, and they have used our format. Being the decent gentlemen that they are, they even gave us a hat-tip and called us "splendid." Very classy. And it gives us a chance to write a headline like the one above.

In other bloggy type news, La Norte has established a weblog. Excellent! Reminds me to go hang out with that crew at some point. Plus, in terms of quality, the La Norte jerseys this year are the classiest supporter jerseys out there. Really top notch.


At 14 August, 2006 14:15, Blogger Brian said...

Looks like you are going global now.

At 15 August, 2006 11:13, Blogger DJ NorteƱo said...

Thanks for the props man, glad a lot of people are digging the jerseys. We'll add a link to this blog too... Nice job.

At 16 August, 2006 12:23, Anonymous Nick said...

Your post-match debriefing format is perfect for hangover-impaired blogging.

I tend to over-indulge on match days which makes writing a coherent match report somewhat of a challenge.

I may employ said format throughout the forthcoming season.

Thanks for the inspiration.


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