11 August 2006

Soehn Leading Candidate for Toronto FC Position

Steven Goff reported that DC United assistant Tom Soehn is one of the candidates for the head coach position for Toronto FC. It was mentioned at the end of the Real Madrid wrap-up that DCenters linked to in the debriefing but I figured that it merited its own post.
Tom Soehn, Nowak's top assistant for three seasons, has emerged as one of the leading candidates to coach Toronto FC, an MLS expansion team that will begin play next year, sources around the league who are familiar with the search said.

This is one of those things that is good for the guy but bad for the club. Frankly, I know that we can't hold on to both Nowak and Soehn for very long if we continue our success on the field. But I am really hoping that at the very least we get through this year with both of them coming back to United. One thing that United had going for it early in the year was stability and I hope we can keep that stability going into the stretch run and playoffs.

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