10 August 2006

Spanish Press: Real Madrid

Let's go have a look at what the Spanish press said this morning about our little friendly last night. I thought I'd find a number of different takes on the game, but it seems like this first article is being used by most newspapers. The common thought isn't that the team from America played well or up to the level of Real. Instead, the refrain is that if Madrid had better aim and accuracy with their shots, they would have won this game. So, don't expect this result to change how the Spanish media view our league.

El Pais (via EFE) Real Madrid without finishing could get past a tie with DC United, same article is on AS.COM: A Real Madrid with no finishing couldn't go beyond the tie (spanish), and its here too Mundo Deportivo: 1-1 Tables(?) for a Real Madrid without aim.
In one minute, Real Madris was sentenced by a Van Nistelrooy miss from a good service from Cassano, to the tie, with a goal from Eskandarian finished with a crossed shot and a good collective play from DC United.
20 Minutos: Real Madrid tie friendlies on American soil (spanish, with lots of pictures)
The result fell short for the whites' merits, who enjoyed numerous opportunities to win the encounter, none the less, their forwards, particularly the dutchman Ruud van Nistelrooy had a cross-eyed accuracy

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At 10 August, 2006 16:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

D.C did it well. Madrid isnt still at his better. For those who like robinho visit this site http://wwww.robinho.org U cand fidn a lotta videos from robinho & co


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