29 August 2006

Keep Y'Self Updated

A few notes on some blogroll updates. First, DCist is running DC United recaps, and the man behind them is slowly being seduced by the beautiful game and capturing its drama in some of the best photography you'll find outside of the WPost and Yellow Card Journalism. Therefore, we're happy to add DCist Kyle's Information Leafblower to the blogroll. I see that he's listening to the Luna EP Close Cover Before Striking Perhaps he can explain why "Astronaut" was added to Rendezvous over quality tracks like "The Alibi" or "New Haven Comet"

Also, long time friend of the DCenters David Gilmore is kicking up a sports blog, so we'll be tacking on Dagger! to the blogroll. How can you not love someone who embraces the absurdity that is this particular niche of the internet?

The Mission
The idea behind Dagger! is simple: We want to bring the total number of sports blogs on the internet to four billion.

Actually, we update this thing all the time, so if you're wondering why your site isn't on the blogroll, well, check back in a week or drop us a line or something.

Finally, a commenter thinks that I'm all wrong about Ugo Ihemelu injuring Dominic Mediate. So if you're curious about an alternate point of view (and The DCenters is all about dissent), and want to see me lose a bit of my temper, and perhaps ultimately decide that he's right and I'm wrong (he isn't, and I'm not, but you can decide otherwise) then be sure to read the comments.


At 29 August, 2006 20:22, Blogger David said...

Good looking out! There are literally four billion (and one) sports blogs now.

True story: I live in New York now, and the other day while getting on the subway I saw a man in a full RBNY uniform, all red, head to to. It was right after Arena came on and I said to the guy, "you must be pretty excited about Bruce?"

His response: "Who?"

This is why you never talk to people on the subway.

At 29 August, 2006 20:23, Blogger David said...

i forgot to shameless plug that we're also at:


we now return you to your regularly scheduled marathon of landon donovanish nightmares.


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