27 August 2006

Debriefing for Match 11.24: Los Angeles Galaxy


Media, Traditional and Otherwise

The Washington Times, John Haydon: "The 24-year-old Donovan scored two goals and was involved in all the others, as Los Angeles handed United its third loss of the season and first home defeat before 24,159."
The Washington Post, Steven Goff: "Last night, however, United's late-summer slumber reached alarming depths and raised questions about whether this once-faultless team had peaked too soon during the long regular season."
USA Today, Beau Drue: ""I watched the (United) game last week with Colorado, and after they gave up their first goal, they were all over the place," Donovan said. "They get down, they start throwing a lot of people forward and they leave a lot of space.""
MLSNet, Charled Boehm: "Donovan promptly ran towards the previously raucous D.C. United supporter groups at midfield and taunted the fans by beating his chest and challenging them to keep cheering."
Mid Atlantic Soccer Report, Ian Plenderleith: ""I guess we were fired up. I hope they keep doing it," said Donovan, in reference to numerous banners such as 'Donovan+10=0' that hung on RFK's upper tier. "I'll put four or five on them next time.""
BlackDogRed: "I'm not that concerned that a desperate LA with a point to prove outplayed and outhustled DCU last night, but I am concerned that attrition has caught up to United. They can talk about refocusing all they like, but if the talent's not on the field it won't matter."
DC Sundevil: "United sucked tonight. I was shocked as I watched the first 5 minutes of the match and was watching United run around like they were coached by Ray Hudson again."
Screaming Eagles Podcast: "Look, I'm sure that you don't want to hear this episode any more than I wanted to do it. But, if you do want to hear what Nowak, Gros, Boswell and Esky had to say about last night's debacle, you can download the episode."

The Good

  1. Tailgates: Well, the tailgates around RFK were all large and ready to see a soccer match. That's about all I can think of for this match. I would give have said the good was a 24,000 plus crowd that was really hyped, but some fans threw crap on the field. I know Donovan taunted us, it doesn't excuse throwing full bottles of beer on the field. Though I would like to hear what Moreno said to him when Landon was complaining to the ref about it.

The Bad

  1. Defense: United's defense went a long time bending but not breaking this season. That ended last night. Hopefully it can be mended quite quick. Chivas with its attacking style and speed is really going to test it next week. Nowak needs to figure out what went wrong. As for me, I think Simms needs a stint on the bench. Olsen should have been sent to foul, pester, and mark Landon out of the game. In short, give him the Gomez treatment because he's that good. Also, when we are behind, or our offense just isn't clicking, it is okay for the defense to keep it's shape. Boswell's shouldn't be playing a give-and-go in LA's 18 yard box no matter what the score. Runs like that, without the d-mids covering, are what allowed LA to counter-attack.
  2. Donovan at RFK: Apparently RFK is not Germany. It's more like Santa Clara. Donovan is the best player in the MLS when he is on, luckily he isn't always on. Unfortunately for us, just coming to DC flips Landon into superdrive. For the second time in two years I got to watch him taunt DC fans after scoring a goal. I would just love to see DC United hold him scoreless next time we play him. But hey at least he scored a goal before he taunted us, I'm talking to you Tino.
  3. Mark Geiger: How Ihemelu finished the game I don't know. Check out a picture of this tackle after Ihemelu had already gotten a yellow card and another talking to from the ref after the yellow card. That tackle broke Domenic Mediate's leg, but only earned a "play on" from Geiger. Not to mention the handball on Erpen that led to the second LA goal, or the questionable PK call when Perkins got the ball first that led to LA's third.
  4. Tired United: United has looked very tired and just plain off in its last couple of league games. I hoped that the Open Cup win on Wednesday was a harbinger of things to come, but no. This match has shown that DC is not out of their funk yet, and might not get out if they can't start clicking together as a team again.

Man of the Match

Insert snarky comment here.

Final Thoughts

That was hands down the worst game of the year (so far). Let's see how the team responds.


At 28 August, 2006 09:12, Anonymous Joanna said...

He broke Mediate's leg?! I figured it was bad when they broke out crutches to get him ten feet over to the golf cart, but goddamn. I was all the way in the corner and didn't have a good angle on it but it looked horrendous even from back there. In that picture, it looks as though he kicked the crap out of him without even bothering about the ball.

At 28 August, 2006 18:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ihemelu didn't break Mediate's leg. The fibula on Mediate's RIGHT leg (look at pic, Ihemelu isn't even touching his right leg) broke when Mediate landed badly. The pic also shows that Ihemelu got the ball, so he was clearly bothering with it. A hard tackle, sure, but it wasn't the tackle that broke Mediate's leg.


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