24 August 2006

MLS.TV Problems - DC United Responds

DC United Communications Coordinator Kyle Sheldon dropped this in our comment box and also over at BigSoccer, but given how widespread these issues are I'm going to promote his comment to essentially a full post.

Folks -

I've been in contact with the web folk all evening trying to sort out what went wrong with MLSLive.tv tonight. I can't say that I know why it wasn't on, but I wanted to let you know that it will be available as archived content early tomorrow morning. You'll be able to watch the full game for free - normally, you'd have to be a subscriber to watch full game content.

You'll be able to access that on our web site's Sights & Sounds page: http://dcunited.mlsnet.com/MLS/sights/index.jsp?club=dcu

I realize this doesn't compare to watching the game live, but for those of you who weren't able to see it at all, I hope this will help ease your pain..

Again, if you have comments or questions, feel free to drop me a line directly: XXXXXXX@dcunited.com

Finally, our sincerest apologies in promising you something that we didn't deliver. I swear this wasn't a ploy to try and get you to come watch future games at RFK (though, we would like to see you there!).

-Kyle Sheldon
Communications Coordinator
D.C. United

First, yes, I edited out the email address just to try and stop high level spambot email harvesters, but you can click on the link to his original comment to get it.

Second, I'm pretty sure that MLSLive.TV is something MLS contracted out to another company. So while you may want to get angry with MLS, the truth is that they really don't run that site. It's probably some IT firm you've never heard of that you're angry with. It certainly isn't DC United, but I think it's pretty classy that they're willing to step up, publicly acknowledge the situation, and try and do something to make amends. Part of the reason I love this team.


At 24 August, 2006 08:27, Blogger I-66 said...

I feel a little better now. I originally had planned on settling in for a half and leaving for my own game after that, but an urgent phone call came just as the game should have been kicking off and I had to leave and handle league business. I had no idea there were technical issues, but now missing the game doesn't feel so bad since I evidently would not have been able to see it anyway.

At 24 August, 2006 08:51, Anonymous Dan said...

I hope Mr. Sheldon is reading the comments, because I'd like to thank him for a classy and speedy response. PR professors the world over can use this as a case study in response. Well done, many thanks!


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