08 August 2006

For Further Reading...

The latest Behind the Badge has a preview of the Real Madrid match (DCenters' preview will be up later tonight), a wrap-up of the US Open Cup match, the results from the Super-20 National Championship, and even a little EPL preview.

Completely non-DCU related but Brian Ching (he's from Hawaii) has a blog for the Houston Chronicle. Very interesting reading.

On a completely DCU related note, Grant Wahl sits down for a one on one with young Adu. Wahl is one of the best soccer writers in America and this piece has some interesting tidbits. We here at DCenters are waiting on his profile of the Barra Brava to come out in SI en Espanol, hopefully there will be an English version online.

Chris Webb's View From the Mezzanine looks at what the Nationals/MASN agreement means for DC United. This is a great article with very well thought out opinions on something that will have an effect on DC United.

BigAppleSoccer has an article on Bruce's first Pink Steer practice. It mentions that they have signed midfielder Dema Kovalenko on a free transfer from the Ukraine. Thanks to MLS' Byzantine rules DC United retained his MLS rights. That means that we will get compensation for his rights. The question remains exactly what the compensation will be.

EDITED: Edited to add that Washington Post soccer guru Steven Goff will be having an online chat tomorrow at noon. Send in your questions now, check back to the site at noon tomorrow to see if they are answered.

EDITED AGAIN: The Washington Post had a good article Monday on some of the local Hispanic leagues entitled "Constructing Lives off the Soccer Field". I meant to include this the first time as it is a really cool article, but completely blanked on it. Hat tip to DC Sundevil.

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