08 August 2006

Tino to the Gals

The Washington Post is reporting that Santino Quaranta has been traded to the Los Angeles Galaxy. Apparently DC is expected to receive a portion of a player allocation. I am not sure on how smart this move is for DC United. Tino is a very good player that has been injured for most of the year, and showed very well last year. He is only 21 and it is way too soon to be giving up on somebody with his talent, especially considering Moreno and Gomez aren't spring chickens. That said, it really depends on what DC United does with the allocation (and how large it is), if this is a good move or not. Goff mentions that DC might not use the allocation until the off season.

Hopefully, at the very least Tino will benefit from the change of scenery. There is no question that he should start for the Gals, while he was having a hard time breaking into DC's line-up even when semi-healthy. I for one hope he shines against everyone but us. Also that he is the only bright spot for a team that doesn't make the playoffs this year or the next five, but that might be pushing it.

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At 08 August, 2006 18:56, Anonymous john said...

What exactly is a partial player allocation?

At 08 August, 2006 19:20, Blogger Kinney said...

Good question. Player allocations started out as a way to buy (or replace) fairly well known players from overseas, either foreign or a US National Pool player. Many times when MLS would decide to sell a player for a transfer fee the team would get an "allocation" to use to find another player. Since then they have devolved into a set amount of money that can be divided up and traded among MLS teams. How big of an allocation we are trading for nobody knows.

I would add that all this comes about because of single entity. Because MLS owns all of the players salaries they cannot have transfer fees between MLS clubs, instead they use this "allocation" in lieu of cash amounts. So just think of it as $$$ to use for transfer fees of any Argentine that we aquire.

At 08 August, 2006 22:01, Blogger Blackdogred said...

I'd bet it's no more complicated than the relationship between Quaranta and Nowak had deteriorated to Quaranta not wanting to be here and Nowak happy to accommodate Quaranta's wish.

DCU gets some allotment points and frees up some salary in exchange for losing a player who didn't want to be here and who they wanted gone. Best they could do, probably.

It could mean real inexperience on the field if any of the midfielders get hurt or suspended.


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