13 September 2006

DC vs Revolution First Impressions

Another tie tonight, our fourth in six games since the All-Star game. This is a tired team, but they're doing enough to get the points. That's at least looking at things as half-full. The pessimist would say that is 8 points lost, not 4 points gained. Our last league win against a conference opponent was the July 15th win against Columbus. In four of the last 5 games, United goes against Eastern Conference teams all jockeying for playoff position.

Too much of our offense of late has been through Gomez and Moreno. Eski has to get healthy and find his scoring touch. Adu, as well, needs to be a more active and aggressive threat off the ball. This is a team that needs rest from 2 months full of games. Will Peter rest some regulars? I don't know, I get the sense that his idea of a relaxing vacation includes training for a triathlon.


At 14 September, 2006 04:26, Anonymous Paul said...

Thanks Chivas for beating FC Dallas. I wants me da shield!

At 14 September, 2006 08:42, Blogger rwhgeek said...

Jaimie looks completely beat, he needs a game or two on the bench to heal. I will stop worrying if we beat Chicago this weekend.

At 14 September, 2006 09:32, Anonymous GUTuna said...

I'll disagree about Adu. He dissapeared for awhile, but he's created goals in the last two matches.

It's Jaime who has really been invisible for a long stretch now. He looks injured AND tired.

At 14 September, 2006 10:56, Blogger Oscar M. said...


I said he has to be more consistent and aggressives. He's not been as much of a threat as he was at the beginning of the season, and its one of the reasons our offense has been anemic - along with Jaime being fatigued. Just asking Freddy to step it up.

At 14 September, 2006 11:23, Anonymous BDR said...

Can Adu step it up? I'm not sure he can. He can only go left, so he's easy to defend - it's not a surprise that his best effort of the year came on the free kick v RSL.

I'm not sure who can step it up - which is why DCU is looking to sign a striker before tomorrow I suppose.

At 14 September, 2006 12:29, Blogger I-66 said...

Calling Clyde Simms. Please pick up the white courtesy phone. I have an assignment for you this Sunday.

At 15 September, 2006 00:12, Anonymous Nick said...

I agree that the team looks spent. Unless the regulars take a few games off, I kind of feel another playoff crash and burn coming on in the playoffs. Of course, if we get the supporters shield, i will be more than content to get another shot at the Mexicans and hopefully South America as well. the season is so long, I just have a feeling what L.A. did last year will be the norm in the future, and the best team during the year will be too spent to win MLS cup

At 15 September, 2006 15:46, Blogger David Lifton said...

"Our last league win against a conference opponent was the July 15th win against Columbus."

We've only had three since then, and they've all been on the road.


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