21 October 2006

First Impressions - NYRB 0 : 1 DC UNITED


This series isn't over. Not the way the Red Bulls played, with chances to pull even in the final ten minites. But I'll take this win over a 4-nil win in the long run. It says that DCU still needs to focus, still needs to work to close it out. That's a message I like to see reinforced. But this game also harkens back to the old days, and by the old days I mean June, when DC had a series of 1-nil victories. Those games were tough, hard fought, and DC would manufacture a goal and benefit from a few breaks. That hasn't happened in a long time, so I find it encouraging. It's not a basis for trash talk, but it is a basis to believe that if DC can get by New York, they will have earned some momentum into a Eastern Conference final matchup. A pass out of this series won't be handed to them. That good be a very good thing.

Also, reader Kenn Tomasch, owner of the brilliant kenn.com website (and so much more, even if he is a bit...um, fiery in a Chicago sort of way), passed on this link to the New York Post. Carlos Delgado says "Maybe I should leave New York. Based on my clothing choice, maybe I have a destination in mind." (Note that it's the 2002-2004 series... Nice. That's not a fair weather fan.)


At 21 October, 2006 19:08, Anonymous Nick said...

A win is a win...but a pretty pathetic performance. I feel like Gomez's goal was really our only chance on goal the entire game. But, playmakers win games in the playoffs, and that's what he did, so he deserves all the credit.
Apart from that, i can't say anything good about anyone really. Adu and Moreno were invisible. Eskandarian was highly visible--visibly atrocious. I will have to watch the replay to confirm this, but i believe he lost possession of the ball EVERY time he touched it, minus a foul or two.
NY was horrible...it's hard to believe Marcus Schopp is a million dollar player, bc that was a reserve league performance he and the rest of the metros put in. It's almost embarassing that we only won 1-0 against a bad team that put in a horrific effort. One thing is for sure, the home game surely will produce a better spectacle than this sight for sore eyes. Memo to MLS: please no more 2 o'clock in the afternoon games--that definitely couldn't have helped the energy levels on the field, not that that is a real excuse...

At 22 October, 2006 06:01, Anonymous Matt said...

DC connected on 100% of their passes. 50% went to DC players and the other 50% went to NY players.

I agree with Nick...DC played total shit soccer and luckily played a shit team, thus allowing us to win.

What the hell happened to DC???

At 22 October, 2006 15:49, Anonymous Paul said...

I thought Perkins looked really good. He is the best keeper I've seen at judging/handling crosses in the air.


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