23 October 2006

Use As Much Media as You Can (Both Ways?)

MLS Cup Tickets, and Using the Non-traditional Media

A few points which may seem unconnected, but hang together in my mind. First, an interesting e-mail we got over the weekend from the FC Dallas Front Office:

My name is Evan Mitz and I read your site on a daily basis. Currently I work in FC Dallas' front office and we are hosting MLS Cup November 12th. Will you post MLS Cup ticketing information on your site?

I will provide your readers with priority seating for this huge event. They can reach me directly at 214 705 6752 or emitz@fcdallas.net .

I appreciate your support and insight for soccer.

Now, I of course did my due diligence, and verified that this individual does work for FC Dallas, and at that email address. And I'm happy to provide you with a go-to source for your MLS Cup ticketing needs, if you have the time and cash to make it down to Dallas. Even better, if you take Evan up on his offer, let us know how it goes. We're curious. And thanks, Evan, for thinking we might even be able to help you on this. We sincerely hope this helps your commission.

What's interesting here is that it follows a week after the Bobby Boswell/Cosmo situation. Many bloggers, The DCenters included, received requests from DC United Communications Coordinator Kyle Sheldon to help hype the Boswell "Bachelor of the Year" campaign. Of course, I was happy to do so. Now we're (and I'm sure we're not the only blog to get this email) getting requests to help ticket sales for MLS Cup (so let it not be said that I did not do my part for MLS). I'm wondering if this is just the beginning... Is there a bigger push to use the blogosphere to help support the game? And, if so, will there be some reciprocation? As you know, the DCenters has not asked for Press Credentials, but other bloggers may (indeed, RSL Blog and the SE Podcast both have them, and I know that the DC FO has been very cooperative with this blog in the past, and listeners to the SE Podcast heard how Doug Hicks stepped up to support Dave at RFK North). I'm wondering if across MLS, the Front Offices are willing not only to use bloggers, but to work with them. It's possible.

But in the mean time, if you want your MLS Cup tickets, Evan's willing to step up and be the man, so let us know how that goes. And if you're a blog writer, and you're being approached about helping MLS drum up some business, let us know if they're willing to help you out in return. I imagine it will vary from team to team, so I'm curious who the good guys will turn out to be.

(Update 245PM: Yup, at least one other blog got the same email we did... Not sure if it is a strategy yet, but it is interesting. Also, Joanna emailed in to say "Don't forget the SE's and BB's trips." Well noted.)

Dan on Board (With Cheese)

Over at the DC Sports Bog, Dan Steinberg recaps the trip home from the Meadowlands, and issues a challenge:

I'm officially calling out Caps fans to show up for United's home half of the opening round of the playoffs this Sunday evening. The Skins have a bye and the Caps are off. No excuses. I'll even invite you to the Barra and the Eagles' tailgates. You United and Caps people seem to have a lot in common: you think the Washington Post undercovers your team, you occasionally read my blog, you like alcohol, you don't like teams from New York. This is a natural love connection. This especially means you, Goat and Sam Horn Guy.

Seems fair enough to us. Of course, this guy has already jumped on board (and we are appreciative), but maybe this guy should take the message to heart (Ted, I'll even buy you a ticket, and an SE tailgate pass)

Sorry DCist

You may have noticed that DCist is not showing up in game debriefings. This is not their fault, but rather the fault of a firewall/webfilter which seems to block their site from where I am right now. I apologize guys, I still read you when I can, it isn't personal. I see you're still writing about DCU, and I do appreciate it.


At 23 October, 2006 15:17, Anonymous GUTuna said...

Met Kyle from the DCist at Trusty's on Saturday. Good guy. Especially for letting me rant and mumble through most of the match.

At 23 October, 2006 15:20, Anonymous SE Podcast said...

I think this shows just how badly ticket sales for MLS Cup are going. As if people in Dallas would give up watching the Cowboys for an afternoon. If Dallas or Chivas aren't in it, I would be shocked if they break 12,000.

At 23 October, 2006 18:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So did Boz win the Cosmo thing?
Also, why isn't the MLS cup final a home and home? (rather than the first round) Wouldn't that be cool?

At 23 October, 2006 20:37, Blogger Jarrett said...

Got the same email over at TriSoccerFan.com. I think Evan is just being an enterprising ticket salesman and trying to get his name/number out there over TicketMaster's. That way he gets comission. Kudos to him for working smart.

At 23 October, 2006 21:15, Anonymous Nick said...

I agree with SE podcast..Get rid of the whole "event" angle of the cup and make it a home and home. Attendance and interest would be much bigger. If Dallas or Chivas is not there, who is gonna show up at the stadium? Our fans our great, but i don't see us sending more than 250 if we make it that far....

At 24 October, 2006 10:16, Anonymous dcuinct said...

Wonder whether they contacted the Red Bull bloggers. Are there any of those?
I imagine they are trying to capitalize on getting as many potential fans who think there team will be there to buy tics now. Humm.. DCU vs. Chica's. Sounds good to me!

At 24 October, 2006 13:35, Anonymous SEKim said...

If people want to sit with DC fans in Dallas (great seats!) then they should contact the Screaming Eagles. We have had a trip set up since Aug (we have 8 packages left including hotel and airfare from phase II). Right now there are 51 people going. Go to www.screaming-eagles.com and head to the roadtrips section for details.

At 24 October, 2006 15:04, Blogger Caps Nut said...

For the record, I've been on board for quite awhile now. I'm just not nearly as rabid about DCU as you guys are.

But I do have $25 tucked away in my wallet to buy a DCU scarf on Sunday. I didn't get to a stand until after they had sold out two Sundays ago.

At 25 October, 2006 09:58, Anonymous SE Podcast said...

Nick, I do think the Cup should be one game, played at a neutral location. But the problem is that the choice of said location is poor because people in Dallas barely even support its own team.

That said, I don't begrudge MLS for rewarding teams that have built stadia, and you can be sure that's the only reason the game has been in Dallas for the past two years. There's a debt that needs to be paid on the facility, and the game does bring in a lot of money (higher prices, merch, etc). But it will be interesting to see, after another half-empty MLS Cup, whether they choose to go to KC or Colorado when they have their stadia.

At 25 October, 2006 10:45, Anonymous SEKim said...

When DC United makes it to the final I expect a great crowd. In the supporters section in Carson for the 2004 final there were over 500 people and many other DC fans who sat elsewhere. Our people will find a way to get there.

I honestly wish the game was always in LA. It's a destination city (tons of things to do, you can make mini vacation out of it), it's warm and there are a lot of cheap flights and hotels if you plan ahead.

I'm sorry but I Dallas doesn't do it for me and I'm not happy I have to make a second trip there (but I guess better than Columbus but that's not saying much). Any place north and people are going to bitch that it's too cold (I'm from New England and know how to dress for it but obviously others do not). The final in Toronto in a few years should be interesting!


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