16 November 2006

Under the Weather

Thank goodness Kinney is back, because I seem to have contracted a pretty nasty cold/flu thing that is pretty much kicking my ass right now. Regardless, the big news upcoming is the expansion draft, and Kinney has neatly stated that DC's two big targets are Rimando and Simms. It's interesting because at the mock draft over at US National Soccer players, J Hutcherson forsees no DC players being lost at all, while Marc Connoly goes with nick Rimando. My hunch is that Rimando is the best of the keepers on that list, and especially fit for a team that may need a keeper with good reaction skills given that their defense may be a bit leaky. So I would imagine that DC loses Nicky, which is a shame but he deserves to be a starter somewhere, and it ain't happening next year unless Troy Perkins sprains his ankle feeding his cats.


At 16 November, 2006 13:07, Anonymous Paul B. said...

Does Troy Perkins have cats? If so, how many and what breeds? If Lightning Boswell's mom reads the Bog, maybe Perkins' mom reads this one and can help us out.

At 16 November, 2006 13:20, Blogger D said...

Damn good question Paul B. I'll look into the matter, though I imagine that after the Nicky dog walking incident, there's going to be a no-pets rider in most contracts. Still, they wouldn't be heartless enough to expost-facto Troy Perkins theoretical kittens, would they?

At 17 November, 2006 11:03, Blogger Kali said...

I've had that same cold thingy all week.

It's not very nice.


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