17 November 2006

Who is packing his bags for Toronto?

Via the always cheerful Kali, come the results of today's expansion draft. Toronto drafted Rod Dyachenko, who played 298 minutes in 9 appearance this season for United, mostly off the bench. As the season wore on he became Peter's go-to option to try to bring an offensive spark to United play late in a game. Although he came close on a number of occasion, he was never able to register a goal in a United jersey in his rookie year.

What does this mean for United? Its our first midfield loss, at least thats how the DCU webpage has him listed. Mattias Donnet and Clyde Simms should be around next season for United, although the former has to come to new terms with the club. The loss of Simms would have been more crushing, if Brian Carroll indeed will be playing in Germany next year. I expect the team to try to shore up the midfield via the draft, since in theory Freddy will be leaving for greener pastures sometime in 2007.


At 17 November, 2006 16:31, Blogger Kali said...

Cheerful? Heh...

At 17 November, 2006 18:04, Anonymous Nick said...

I'm sorry to disagree, but I think losing a prospect like Dyachenko hurts more than losing Simms. I don't think Simms has much upside, and I'm not sure what Dyachenko had, but at points he looked promising. As well, DC United invested a lot of pt into him that he otherwise would not have gotten with the idea of building on his talent for something in the future...curse those free-loaders from up north..

At 22 November, 2006 11:14, Blogger Oscar M. said...

Hi Nick,

D didn't post this, I did. I meant Simms loss would affect the team more only if Brian Carrol heads overseas. In the short-term, the team would need to fill a huge gap in the midfield if we are to lose both of them.

Dyanchenko was a good prospect, there will be other prospects as well.


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