06 December 2006

What can we say about Brian Carroll at OM?

If he does get signed, he'll have an experience on his hands. The debate within the OM message boards shows that there is some resistance among OM fans to Americans in general. Typically, the OM message boards read like the French version of Big Soccer, with various people claiming sources (including one who made it sounds like OM and Carroll had reached a 3 year deal which would be announced after the friendly). Others seem impressed by Carroll's workrate (no surprise there) but are adopting a buyer beware attitude about a 25 year old american.

So, all in all, this tells us very little until we hear something from the OM Front Office. It seems like OM fans are willing to give him a chance to make the team better, but aren't convinced he's a quality every day solution.

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At 06 December, 2006 20:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I don't know how much of an immediate impact player Brian can be at OM. Let us remember he is a D-Mid, his position, and the way he plays it just isn't an immediate eye grabber. That being said he is excellent at what he does, and one thing he can immediatly contribute to the club is a solid base in possesion in which to build upon with other players. I hope that if he does go to OM that they utilize he the right way, and as well as DC has over the past few years. I think DC will surely miss him in a pinch, but realistically Clyde Simms is just as talented a player as Carroll was two years ago, and he should fill that starting role quite well. He only lacks that flash of vision that Carroll sometimes possess when given time on the ball, but that will grow over time and I think Clyde will do very well if given a chance on a full time basis. Good luck to Brian, SHOW THOSE FROGS HOW ITS DONE!

At 07 December, 2006 15:15, Anonymous john said...

No contract for Carroll?


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