06 December 2006

Addendum and Correction

THE REBUTTAL: Harry Hotspur from the Harry Hotspur blog dropped by yesterday to defend the anti-EPL side of the equation. I direct you to his comments here. I've also added a link to his excellent blog, which, in ironic fashion, is labeled "[EPL-Spurs]" over in the blogroll. Perhaps that only amuses me. But I'm very happy he dropped by with his words. As someone once said: "By God, I cannot flatter; I do defy the tongues of soothers" (Henry IV, Part I, IV, i.) So my thanks to him for his candid appraisal of the matter. COYS!

OKAY, IT'S RFK, NOT THE SOCCERPLEX: Kinney finally pointed out that DC United has, in fact, announced that Leg 2 of our CONCACAF Champions Cup match against CD Olimpia of Honduras will be at RFK. What makes it more embarrassing is that he found it in a press release I had linked to, and somehow not read the last paragraph of. Shame! Shame! So, to be clear, here are the details reproduced verbatim:

D.C United will also be participating in next year's CONCACAF Champions' Cup as well, where they will take on Honduran side CD Olimpia in the quarter-final round. The Black-and-Red will travel to Honduras for the first leg of the tie, set for Feb. 20-22. United will then return to RFK for the decisive home leg, likely to be held either Feb. 28 or March 1.
As the kids say, "My bad." Or are the kids even saying that anymore? I doubt it. I mean, it's been four years since Kurt Angle used it in a promo he cut. They've got to be saying something else now. Perhaps, to really confuse people over 25, they now say "Oh, pardon me! My most heartfealt apologies!" Man, that would freak out every English teacher in the nation if they heard that in the halls.

DUE DILIGENCE: Quarter Volley looks at the potential DCU suitors, and notes that a major sporting organization has already found a beef. Does this affect the sale? Hmmm... I'm thinking once bitten, twice shy myself on this matter.

CARROLL AT OM: YA carried the story that DCU Defensive Midfielder Brian Caroll's trial was entering the crucible stage with Olympic Marseille's friendly against FC Martigues. I've been seeing if I can pick up any French media on the match, and haven't found anything, but I'll let you know.

BOSWELL CHATS ABOUT MILITARY, HOTNESS, AND DAN STEINGBERG, NOT THAT THOSE TOPICS ARE NECESSARILY RELATED: Bobby Boswell chats with fans today. Expect lots of questions about general hotness, and the fact that Bruce Arena may sign Robin Rexroat just to counterprogram DC United's defense.

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