19 February 2007

In Denial

COVER: I don't get paid to take flak for Steve Goff, but the headline at Goal.Com of "Sarachan blasts Zidane-Fire Link" seems a bit excessive. Careful reading of Steve Goff at Soccer Insider makes it clear exactly what Goff's information is, and Sarachan's comments do not directly contradict Goff in any way. We've all (other than Miss Chatter) seen All the President's Men, and we know what a non-denial denial is.

GONE: The David Stokes Experiement is over. The Ricky Shramm Experience is relocating. Neither strikes me as particularly surprising, but I think both of them could catch on as a reservist elsewhere.

NOT FORGOTTEN: Jimmy LaRoue on the end of Matchnight, and the rebirth of UnitedMania. Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials Jimmy, and I hope you are as lucky in your choice of spouse as I have been in mine. You'll know if she starts emailing you links where a writer trashes Landycakes. That's love.

RETURN: It's been a long time, but I think I have to write a match preview this week. Wow. I'm probably going to keep the debrief format we've been working with, but the preview format is in flux. Anything you'd like to see? One of the things I'd like to do this year is write the six word novel preview and recap of every game, but I'm open to suggestions on other things.

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