23 March 2007

Fantasy Football Part One - Hattrick

Hattrick is a great internet based game where you are the owner of a fictional soccer team. It is possibly the best internet based soccer game available and the base service is completely free. Like many games it adds a little bit of content when you put some money down. Right now it is $32.40 for a full year, but because there is no competitive advantage I would suggest playing for free the first season (3 months) to see how you like it.

Basically, you trade players, promote youth team players, build stadiums, hire head coaches, set you line up for each game, and basically run a soccer team. You play two matches a week, one in your league (Sunday if you are in the US) and one US Open Cup or friendly (Wednesday if in the US). A great part about this game is that if you go all Lexi Lalas on your team and keep trading people or keep messing with the team you don't do as well. So you really only have to remember to sign in twice a week and set your line-up for the games.

If you are into soccer I can't stress how cool this game is. It is a lot of fun and doesn't take up a lot of time. I feel like a lot of people are missing out because they haven't heard about it. If you don't already play, you should definately give it a try. Right now it is the off season, so a great time to sign up, but you can do so anytime. It takes about 3 or 4 days for them to process your request and then they give you your team and have a nice tutorial for new managers.

Some great Hattrick helper applications, are VHattrick to set your line up and the Hattrix network, specifically the x-files for more information, x-ray to scout your opponents, and cup mangager to run any friendly cups. I would suggest that all newbies read the Hattrickwiki as well. It really helped once I realized it was there. Unfortunately, parts of VHattrick and the x-files cost money, but have some services for free.

For any DC United fans that already play, I am always looking for friendly games. My team are the Arlington Avengers. Look me up and send me a message, maybe we can support each other or play a game after the Open Cup is done. Also, any one that already plays hattrick please put your thoughts in the comments section, so people can get a couple of views on the game. I would really like to build the DC United contingent of this game so I have pleanty of people to play friendlies against.

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At 23 March, 2007 15:56, Blogger Mr. Fish said...

Flying Fish FC

I'm addicted. Try the Foxtrick Firefox add-on, and the new Alltid Hattrick supporter as well.


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