01 March 2007

Match Briefing for 12.A.02: CD Olimpia

Match #: 12.A.02

Opponent: CD Olimpia (Honduras)

Six Word Novel Preview: Great start. Now finish them off.

Aggregate Score: DC United 4 : 1 CD Olimpia

TV: Fox Soccer Channel, 7PM

Radio: Not known at this time.

Previous Meeting: United 4 (Gomez, Emilio, Gomez, Erpen) : 1 (Carcamo) CD Olimpia

The Stakes: This is simple. This is not about sending a message, or proving your worth. Any result that allows DC United to advance, regardless of the score, is a good result. Bonus points for avoiding cards, since the next match will be against Chivas, and you can expect that we won't get nice, unbiased officiating in the away leg twice in this competition. Even if Olimpia gets a 2-0 or 3-1 result, I won't complain. The only important thing is advancing, staying healthy, and staying on the field.

For Olimpia, pride is on the line. Their manager's resignation was not accepted by management, so that message came through loud and clear. The team won their most recent Honduran league game against lower table Victoria 2-1, so it's tough to draw any conclusions from that.

Previews from the DCUniverse: Washington Post, Washington Times, UnitedMania, Express (others added as we see them)

D's Location: As of now, I do not have a ticket, for various reasons, most of them paycheck related. But I will be walking up to buy one before 7PM. And I will be there. With rain and cold weather gear. You should be there too.

Expectations: Does it seem like I was keeping expectations down in the paragraphs above? Well, I was. I was stunned by the 4-1 performance, but as I've written in the past, big results are usually not as indicative of play as close results. So I don't expect a huge result in this game. All I want is for the work in Honduras to pay off, as I never want Honduras to level to aggregate score. Even if that lead narrows, I'll be happy.

What to look for? Tighter defense, and focus on how the back line distributes the ball to start the counter. Who makes the pass out? How much runs through Gomez? Do we try anything direct over the top to Moreno or Emilio? These are interesting tactical questions that could play into later games. Does this team look smoother than they did the last time out when it comes to their passing, especially long balls? All things I will be watching for.

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At 01 March, 2007 16:38, Anonymous Matt said...

About the officiating....good point. Did anyone see the penalty awarded to chivas?

Terrible....justice though as Boffo missed...

At 01 March, 2007 22:32, Anonymous Joanna said...



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