02 April 2007

Match Briefing for 12.A.04: At Guadalajara

Match #: 12.A.04

Opponent: Club Deportivo Guadalajara (Mexico)

Six Word Novel Preview: Score tied, count on Brazillian magic?

Aggregate Score: DC United 1 : 1 Club Deportivo Chivas

TV: Fox Soccer Channel, 9:30PM

Radio: Not known at this time.

Previous Meeting: United 1 (Emilio) : 1 (Bravo) CD Chivas

The Stakes: This is still simple, the aim is still to advance. It doesn't have to be pretty, just a win. Emilio's goal gave the team a lifeline, but they will be away from home and facing a tough team. The player's can't be timid or nervous, and will have to be more effective in disrupting Chivas' game from the beginning. Luckily, this is not as inexperienced a team as the one that was destroyed by Pumas in 2005. D expects that "we won't get nice, unbiased officiating in the away leg twice in this competition."

Chivas will want to prove that the 1-1 tie in RFK was a fluke, and will try to neutralize Christian Gomez to shut down United's attack. Don't be surprised if they try to goad our players into picking up needless cards. They're coming off of a 1-0 los to San Luis this Saturday. How tired will the Mexican team be after having played on Saturday? Will we see the usual starters? It is everyone's understanding that Mexican National Teamer Omar Bravo won't be available due to yellow card accumulation - how will that affect them?

Previews from the DCUniverse: Washington Post (added as we see them)

The DCenter Team's Location: The whole crew, D, Kinney, and Oscar will be at the SE Pub quiz. You should be there too.

Expectations: The outright fan in me wouldn't be surprised by a United win, this team could still advance. But they didn't help themselves by letting Chivas walk out of RFK with a tie. Even a one goal lead would be something. A tie during regulation wouldn't be anything to be ashamed of.

What to look for? Tighter defense - and hopefully no patented Erpen miscues out of the back. The team will have to work better to free Gomez, and provide quick outlets to capitalize if Chivas collapses 2, 3, or 4 players on him. Perkins will have to keep his back line focused and sharp for ninety minutes.

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