03 April 2007

The National Pastime of Infuriating the Opposition

Just a quick side note on other sports in the DC Area: I got a chance to watch some MASN coverage of the Nationals yesterday. While the Nationals have now nicely set the expectations of DC fans for the 2007 season (oooofff... a pythag projected record of 8 wins, 154 losses... but you know pythag isn't accurate until after 30 games or so and can't be used for forecasting, so it could be worse...) I got to see the MASN commercials for upcoming games. While I am envious that they can tailor commercials for upcoming opponents, I have to question MASN's choice of using a taunting tagline specifically calling out an opposing player at the end of each promo. Yes, praise Chad Cordero as much as you like, but then saying "Game Over Molina!" seems to be a bit puckish. Given the expectations for this season, it's almost as if MASN is inviting opposing teams to get riled up when they come to RFK, daring them to beat the Nats as brutally as they can. Give me Pride, Passion, Tradition generic promos any day over slickly produced antagonizing video packages any day.

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At 03 April, 2007 10:38, Blogger Kinney said...

Well of course. Angelos wants the Nationals to fail.

At 03 April, 2007 11:16, Blogger D said...

Well, yeah, but in defense... The O's have the same crappy idea.


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