10 May 2007

Noted in Passing

Jamie Moreno called up for the Bolivia-Ireland doubleheader in Foxboro, and will miss United's game against Houston. Steve Goff is surprised. One commenter is not, noting "Jamie get's the callup because he's based hours away from Foxboro. It's an easy trip up, and he'll know where the good places to eat and hangout are." That's probably true, but any attention Jamie gets from his national team he more than earned over the past ten years. Sure, it's a bit late, but better than never at all.
UPDATE: Ben Olsen's Beard with a great title, and even better analysis.

MLSNet's hireling Dave Lifton on United's depth:
Soehn's predecessor, Peter Nowak, was at times criticized for relying too heavily on veterans, but only a month into his professional coaching career, Soehn has already given considerable minutes not just to Kpene and Casal, but also to such names as Justin Moose, Devon McTavish and Nicholas Addlery.

True, but other than Devon McTavish, we're still worried a bit about defense in depth. Question: Would United have gotten better value by paying Jay Needham more money to stay with the team knowing he's a rookie, or would a Polish International defensive signing (link to Goff) at over $100K be a better use of the cash? You make the call.

Okay, well, you won't. And neither will I, since this is all DCU Front office stuff, but it is an interesting question. Not sure it's a fair one, but it's one I'd like to bring up.

In case you're wondering, Needham has made two appearances this year for Puerto Rico, both starts, and the Islanders kept clean sheets in both games he appeared (despite the Carolina Railhawks having 21 shots, they only managed 5 on goal.)

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At 11 May, 2007 07:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you notice David Stokes played a full 90 for Carolina in that game against Puerto Rico? He and Needham probably had a couple beers and laughed their asses off at DC's defense after the game.


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