06 May 2007

First Impressions - DC United 2 : 1 CD Chivas USA

I hate cliches like "It's a funny ol' game," but, well, a game like this seems to call for it. United didn't look as dangerous or productive as they looked on Thursday night, and yet this time they get all three points. It wasn't a step up in effort, it wasn't even a plateau, but it wasn't a step back either. People were making plays, especially in the midfield that just weren't being made earlier in the season. There was a hesitant nature to the DC attack that was concerning, but that may just be nerves that will hopefully be soothed now. Christian Gomez did not have a good game, but gets the goal. Funny that.

Still, three points is three points, and I'm happy they have it. Now to start to establish a rhythm to this season. It seem possible. Things looked very bleak on Wedneday, and now they just look like the season will be long, difficult, and troubling. In other words, the way every season should look, and we finally decided to show up.

Debrief tomorrow, where we'll get into who had good games, a bad game, or both simultaneously. We'll also talk about DC's counter-attack, or lack thereof. For right now, I want to examine this feeling that I'm experiencing. What's it called? Ah yes, a regular season win. Right, I had forgotten about that.

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At 06 May, 2007 21:47, Anonymous Paul said...

Perkins = MOTM

At 07 May, 2007 08:20, Anonymous matt w said...

They did play better Thursday night. They just seemed slow yesterday -- slow switching the field, slow recognizing teammates making runs into space, slow getting the ball off their feet. Everyone wants to hold the ball, and you just can't do that anymore in MLS.

Did some Moreno watching both games. He seems limited now to set pieces (respect to him for the two goals, especially the pretty one yesterday) and those attacks that come centrally through Gomez. He does almost nothing on defense and hardly ever went wide when United was on the ball.

We all love Jaime for what he's done over the years, but there comes a time in every player's career when he needs to accept a more limited role and then eventually to hang up the cleats. He needs two more goals to pass Kreis for the all-time goals lead. I'm happy to cheer for that for him, and then happy to cheer when his name is added to Etch's and Harkes'.

At 07 May, 2007 08:36, Anonymous Jeremy said...

I do not completely agree that Thursday was the better match. On Thursday they played a really great 45 minutes, then a really bad 45 minutes.

On Sunday, I think they played a pretty good 60 minutes and then a bad final 15. The only detraction was that Fred, who was absolutely amazing on Thursday was hurt, and Moose, while he played as well as anyone on the field, was having problems connecting on his crosses. Man, that missed pass to Benny still hurts.

Regardless, until they start stringing together 90 minutes of quality football, "escaping" with three points is the best that we can do.

On the plus side, they haven't given up a lead all season...

At 07 May, 2007 08:37, Anonymous Jeremy said...

Just noticed that my math skills are lacking. I meant a bad final 30.


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