14 May 2007

Reserve the Right to Revise and Extend

There are other things to write about, but I did want to point out that Bobby Boswell touches once more on salary matters at his blog:
I also want to clear some things up in regards to the recent salary posts. It seems some people missed my “for personal reasons” statement, think I am being too PC, or just think I am a raging brown noser...There is a huge give or take conundrum involved with MLS. Get more money =’s add more years. Don’t add years =’s don’t add money. That is the see-saw. It has been that way for years.
As one of those that could be identified as "some people" (see here for my thoughts and for some good comments on the matter) I'm glad Bobby came out and wrote this. While I accept that BobbyBoswell.COM is a nice PR-outlet, it's possible for things to be PR outlets and yet still have credibility, candor, and honesty. I think this post sets the record straight in a forthright manner that still treats his fans like adults and doesn't assume we need to be spoon-fed sunshine and roses all day long. Excellent. That's all I wanted in the first place.

Also, Kyle G. runs into Bobby with Clyde Simms at the Chili Cookoff, worth noting just for that awesome T-Shirt.

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