15 May 2007

Some People Never Learn, Others Don't Realize They Are Learning

Freddy, I try and be nice to you, and then you go say something like this:

"Speed is my game and DC United's attack wasn't suited to my strengths," he [Adu] says. "I was playing out of position and I had to change my game around so much. Now, I'm so much more relaxed. My coaches and teammates are awesome. My confidence level is as high as it's ever been."
Well, I'm glad that more relaxed and confident as the Real Salt Lake #10.

Oh, wait, you're not the #10? Who is? Mehdi wha-now?

That's right, Jason Kreis has you playing the same position for RSL as you were playing with DCU last season: On the left, on the wing. The difference is, of course, that Jason Kreis is asking you to do it, and not Piotr Nowak, who you never really trusted. That's okay, I understand that. Piotr was a prickly and problematic coach for more than just one player, so the fact that you accept the same advice from a new coach and not an older one doesn't surprise me. Just... if you really thought about it, you might realize that Piotr and Jason were both right. That people you dislike can occasionally still see the truth of things. Of course, that's a profound insight, one that many of us don't accept even later in life. But if you were to accept that... well, it would say a lot.

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At 15 May, 2007 12:56, Anonymous Bill Urban said...

Kreis doesn't ask Freddy to do much defending at all; against Colorado, neither Freddy nor Terry Cooke bothered overmuch with each other. It was a hilarious visual exercise in how not to defend as a team from both clubs.

*climbs down off perpetual defending hobby horse*

the problem with Freddy thinking his "game" involves a dearth of defensive responsibility is that playing in Europe, no matter the country, will require chasing back and covering aplenty.

"free roles" are comparatively rare, and i don't quite see Freddy ready to step into a Ronaldinho sort of gig just yet...

and as Freddy continues to leave Willis Forko exposed, with RSL leaking goals faster than anyone else to date,i'm guessing Kreis get a clue and ask him to take his share of defensive responsibilities, putting him back in Square Nowak, except on a horrible Rice-Eccles surface.

At 15 May, 2007 16:53, Blogger Kinney said...

At the beginning of last year Nowak didn't ask Freddy to do much defending either. Not sure why he went away from that as it seemed to work rather well, but he did.

Espeically now that Kries and Tejada are off the team and Williams is hurt, why not put him up top underneath Cunny? He is better than Harris. Let him rove around a little and play the Moreno role. That way you can get an actual winger in to help out on defense. I don't know, maybe I am crazy.


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