21 June 2007

We Admire Our Peers

The Edgell Supporters have taken the notion of Supporters' Groups establishing cup competitions (Atlantic Cup, Rocky Mtn. Cup) to its logical conclusion: Cups established by individuals fans. They give you the Ben Cup. Needless to say, I approve of this. Yes, even though I'm currently facing the prospect of showing up on Lot 8 in a Red Bull jersey.

Since joining The Offside, Max J. is blogging up a storm. He writes on the impact of Troy Perkins possibly going to Copa America. He is correct on all marks.

I want to write a post on the concept of writing about soccer, and what it all means, but it seems pretty self-involved and lame at the moment, so I'll pass until I get my thoughts in order. Just so you know, sometimes I do take time to think about things before I write them.

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At 22 June, 2007 01:57, Blogger JCM said...

I love the Ben Cup. Brilliant. Instantly added to the Cup Standings on my page.


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